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Super Junior’s Heechul had finished his training in the army just recently, and is currently serving his duty as public service personnel. However, seems like he was able to make time for a visit of his members on Inkigayo! More »



Today’s Winner - SUPER JUNIOR (Inkigayo)


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Inkigayo’s super epic fail on Super Junior comeback, Part 2

What are the chances that SBS Inkigayo would goof up once more when it comes to Super Junior? Chances are slim, but for the second week running, Inkigayo made yet another slight mistake.

Inkigayo may have some of the best stages ever, but I suppose its editors were too mesmerized by the ubersexual men and in their trance, they misspelled Donghae’s name. I guess it’s time to introduce the newest member in Super Junior, Donghea!

You can see it at 0:06!

Don’t worry, Inkigayo, we still love you!

I didn’t notice, did you?

Super Junior dances to “BONAMANA” on Inkigayo as there’s “No Other” like you

It was a special Inkigayo episode on December 19th, as Super Junior returned to the SBS stage after a successful year as Hallyu stars around the world!

Since the conclusion of their album promotions in July of this year, the boys have rarely grouped together for performance, save for concerts and special performances. So enjoy their double-header performance this afternoon with “No Other” and “BONAMANA.”

Check out their breathtaking performance below!